: : g e n p r o t o

genproto generates prototypes from C/C++ code. it does not touch the original files, and the output format can be changed via printf-style format strings.
Unlike cproto it does not rely on external programms, such as gcc or cpp.

keywords = { c, c++, prototype, generate prototypes }

: : example
me@home:~/src/genproto-0.2> ./genproto main.c 
/* generated by genproto */

void Usage(char *name);
char * CharCopy(char *buf, int len);
char * AddTokens(char **TokenList, int FirstToken, int LastToken);
void AddPrototype(char **TokenList, int ClassNamePos, int FunctionNamePos, int ParamPos);
void ScanOneFile(void);
void SortPrototypes(struct function **T, int Gauche, int Droite);
void Swap(struct function **T, int i, int j);
int CompareFunctions(struct function *pF1, struct function *pF2);
void CopyListToTable(void);
void PrintOnePrototype(struct function *pF);
void PrintPrototypes(void);
void DeletePrototypes(void);
void MyExit(void);
void * MyAlloc(size_t size);
int main(int argc, char **argv);
: : d o w n l o a d

the 0.1 version


the 0.2 version [ dont_use ]


the 0.3 version


the 0.4.1 version


dont bother to go up one dir _ its all german _ and weird _freek