s c h e d t o o l : :

schedtool can be used to query or alter a process' scheduling policy under linux

keywords = { sched_batch, batch, sched_iso, sched_rr, sched_idleprio, batch_scheduling, scheduling, policy, affinity, rt, realtime }

f e a t u r e s : :

query and alter a process' scheduling policy

specifically: _normal | _fifo | _rr | _batch | _iso
set static priority needed for _fifo | _rr

version 1.2 was horribly broken for 2.6 - because 2.6 returns (int)4 on success, not 0, for sched_getaffinity()

version 1.2.1 should no more break on non_affinity kernels when compiled with

version 1.2.2 is only a small cleanup release

version 1.2.3 finally gets the affinity_ifdef_stuff right

version 1.2.4 features some kind of "probe" mode for priorities like sched-utils do

version 1.2.5 behaves better with newer -ck kernels and sched_iso

version 1.2.6 supports sched_idleprio directly for -ck kernels

version 1.2.7 features a man_page corrections and enhancements

version 1.2.8 features misc. code and documentation cleanups

version 1.2.9 has a fix for man-page installing and various typo fixes

version 1.2.10 fixes RPM building and the version string

version 1.3.0 uses the new cpu_set_t api found in newer glibcs

u s e _ c a s e : :


improve performance of long_running processes
improve performance of multiple cpu_hog processes

sched_fifo | _rr

fine_tune system for realtime_usage


avoid cache_bounces | scheduling_overhead
fully utilize dual_cpu_machines on network_load
lock processes to certains cpus at your wish

n o t e s : :

for batch_support

kernel 2.4.18+ with ingo molnar's O(1)-sched-patch
earlier 2.5.X seem to have batch_support
batch_support now is in 2.6.16+

for sched_iso

kernel 2.6.1+ with patch by con kolivas

for cpu_affinity

kernel 2.5.8+
or patched kernel (like -aa)
recent glibc

extensive docs are provided in the package

d o w n l o a d : :

the 1.1.2 version


the 1.2.10 version


the 1.3.0 version _ latest


dont bother to go up one dir _ its all german _ and weird _freek

blues xtended - new blues sensation

source navigator ng - continuation of the sn codebase